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Equipment & Capabilities Lean Contract Manufacturing Solutions

Finishing Related Equipment 

Automotive, Military and Industrial, Performance Specification Approved, conveyorized, electrostatic powder coat finishing systems with Large Part Capability.

Automotive and Industrial Performance Specification Approved, computer controlled hoist, Cathodic Epoxy Electrodeposition (E-Coat) finishing systems with Large PartCapability.

Military and Industrial Performance Specification approved, conveyorized, Liquid spray, flow coat, and dip Coat finishing systems with Large Part Capability.

Military and Industrial Performance Specification approved Specialty Detail and Decoration, Liquid Coat Finishing Systems, and Extended Corrosion Coatings.Various Types Standard and Specialty surface preparation process equipment (Blasting, vibratory, chromate, etc.) 

Various Process Performance Verification Equipment ( Salt Spray, coating thickness, adhesion, color, abrasion resistance, hardness etc.)

Appropriate Maintenance equipment (Burn off ovens, welding, machining, tooling).

Metal Forming and Fabrication Related EquipmentDescription

Conventional Metal Stamping Presses Currently, 45 to 800 ton capacity, with bed sizes to 144″.  (Straight Side, OBI, Gap, Link Motion)  Many with integrated coil straighteners and feeders. 

High-Speed, Programmable, Turret Metalform and Profiling Systems with Multiple Tool capability

High Speed, programmable, Linear Motion Metal Form and Profiling Systems with Multiple Tool capability 

Programmable Press brakes, 6′ to 12′ bed length, 110 ton to 180-ton capacity

Coordinate Measuring Machine, Large Surface with data record/analyze software

Quality Tools, standard and special for process dimensional and performance specification verification. (Fixtures, gages, hardness testers, measuring tools etc.)  Suitable data record/analyze software.

Various Standard and Special production Weld Equipment  (Mig, Tig, HeliArc  Braze, Resistance Spot, Projection)

Various Standard and Special Production Metal Joining Equipment (Riveters, Eyelet applicators, Tog-L-Loc™ , Hemming, Stitching)

Various Standard and Special Production Machining and Cutting Equipment  (Drilling, Tapping, Broaching, Milling)

Tool Room Support Equipment (Surface Grinders, Mills, Drill Presses, Lathes, Band Saws, Radial Arm Drills, Shears, Sanders, Press Brakes, Hardness Tester, Surface Plates, Die Washer


A wide variety of Assembly Equipment and Cells; Standard and Specialized; utilizing various levels of automation and sophistication. Capabilities range from fully automated, “Poka Yoke”,”Lights Out” Cells, to suitably error proofed, manually assembled componentry.

INDIANA Location –  Equipment and Capabilities

  • 8 Turrets, with full range of tooling
  • 8 Brake press machines, ranging from 110 to 200 tons
  • 200 Ton Niagara Stamping Press
  • Well equipped CNC Machining Department
  • Precision Laser cutting with three Mazak lasers – 4000 watts
  • MIG and TIG Weld Cells
  • Spot Welding
  • 5 Stage pre-powder coat cleaning and treatment line.
  • Powder Coat capable of parts or assemblies 36” wide x 60” high x 84” length

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