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Committment to the Environment Our environment is precious and irreplaceable.

We are committed to protecting our environment

Prince Manufacturing understands that our environment is precious and irreplaceable. Our continued success and the health and vitality of our communities depend upon us all working together as responsible stewards.

Prince Manufacturing is fully committed to protecting the environment in which we live and work. We intend to ensure we always group operate in an environmentally responsible manner, and will continue to improve our performance by reducing the environmental impact of our operations and ensuring compliance with all relevant environment legislation.

Specifically, we commit to:

  • Ensure that all of our operations are safe for our employees, customers, and the environment.
  • Reduce or prevent the environmental impact of our operations in manufacturing, distribution, use, and disposal.
  • Meet or exceed the requirements of all regional environmental regulations.
  • Discharge no wastes to the environment unless in compliance with legal requirements, and emissions are monitored to ensure such compliance.
  • Initiate sustainable methods of waste disposal through recycling.
  • Promote the efficient use of energy in all areas.
  • Minimize the use of raw materials and natural resources.
  • Continually assess our environmental technology and programs and monitor progress toward environmental goals.
  • Include safety, health, and environmental considerations into business planning and decision-making.
  • Minimize disturbances to the local community and areas of special public, health, or scientific interest.
  • Ensure that contractors working on our premises adhere to our environmental standards
  • Encourage our suppliers and contractors to adopt similar environmental commitments.

For more information about Prince Manufacturing’s commitment to the Environment and to the community, please contact us today.

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